Need a little help.

Does anyone know the names of Zipporah's sisters? Also, Jethro's wife name? I searched everywhere, but I failed to find anything D:

If anyone knows, please let me know! Thanks bros.
Terra e - Keith/Matsuka

Request list/etc.

Request List.

1. Church/Tucker - takatohedgehog [Finished]
2. Simmons/Church - lvsinsanity (In progress - Rough sketch finished.)
3. Church/Donut - merendiel [Finished]
4. Church/Tucker - happyyandere
5. Grif/Church - fuuten_kurohyou
6. Grif/Simmons - nekokittyky

Requests are now closed! Slots will be open again, so please check back ;D

Note: I mentioned in the earlier request post that I may or may not color. I think it's kind of unfair if I just feel like color one and not the others. So I decided to do just the finishing sketch/lineart and you'll have to request again if you want it colored. You can request again when slots are free. Oh, I will add some graytones/shading if needed to balance it out a little bit =)

Sketches/progress will be posted but are f-locked. Add if you want to be updated.

Mother fu--

I am just so... lazy. So so lazy. Sometimes I just wanna say FML. Anyways. I was late with Lockon's birthday present, so here it is. Yeah, it's crap. Recently everything I've been trying to draw has turned out to be complete shit. Major art block. And really. I seriously hate myself for not trying harder at anatomy. I've been skipping anatomy practice since... I dunno. Forever? When am I going to learn that without anatomy, everything looks like askajkdhakdjadn.

Murrrrrr. Whatever. Less whining, more practicing. You know... if my laziness doesn't destroy my will to draw.

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